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    Based centrally in the UK HomeFix are ideally placed to provide applicators, main contractors and home owners with systems proven to protect new constructions against the ingress of hazardous ground gases. All system components are delivered via a no-nonsense service direct to the door or site.

    HomeFix realise the importance of you choosing the correct system for your contract as each projects (SI) site investigation report will differ as will the risk to life expressed in the GSV / CS rating for the specific type of building which is to be constructed. It is essential the chosen systems (ventilation, membrane and components) meet the minimum performance criteria as laid down in the documents which relate to said risk (as provided by the architect & geotechnical engineer) . HomeFix only supply systems that comply with the current guidelines:

    • Building Research Establishment Report 211 – Radon
    • Building Research Establishment Report 414 – Contaminated Land
    • British Standards BS 8485:2015 – Methane, Carbon Dioxide & VOC’s (Table 7)
    • CIRIA 748 – VOC’s / Hydrocarbons
    • NHBC – Traffic Light System (Amber 1, 2 & Red)
    • CIRIA 735 – Testing & Verification
    • YALPAG – Technical Guidance for Developers, Landowners and Consultants (Local Authorities)

    Please note: Remember that many constructions may be multi-use so the recommended types of protection may alter within the same structure.

    Please note: All BS 8485:2015 & NHBC Amber 2 sites require independent third party validation & verification otherwise your building may be prohibited from use (Table 7 BS8485:2015 / NHBC Technical Extra April 2016 issue 20).

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