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Sika Accelerator

Sika Accelerator is a cold weather and rapid hardening admixture for mortars screeds and renders....
£5.34Ex VAT£6.41Inc VAT
SikaMix Powdered Mortar Plasticiser

Sika Mix Powdered Mortar Plasticiser (PMP) is a pre-measured, air entraining admixture which complies to EN 934 and replaces or complements ...
£45.18Ex VAT£54.22Inc VAT
SikaMix Plus

A general purpose, economic liquid plasticiser and improver for brick and blockwork mortars. Reduces water demand – increases stre...
£7.49Ex VAT£8.99Inc VAT
Sika Rendermix

Water resisting plasticiser for improving renders and screeds, Sika Remdermix can also be used as an ‘improver’ for pebb...
£8.38Ex VAT£10.05Inc VAT
Sika Proof

General purpose economic waterproofing admixture for mortars and concretes. Ideal for use on swimming pools, water tanks, ponds, below groun...
£6.04Ex VAT£7.25Inc VAT
SikaCim No Crack Concrete

Concrete reinforcing fibres and powder admixture for minimising cracking and enhancing the strength of concrete. Ideal for use on internal f...
£4.13Ex VAT£4.95Inc VAT
Sika Wintermix

A chloride free, winter working admixture for concrete that is suitable for use with steel reinforcement. Allows mortars and concretes to be...
£4.23Ex VAT£5.08Inc VAT
Opti-Mix Mortar Plasticiser

Opti-Mix Mortar Plasticiser is the world’s first 1:25 plasticiser is just Pure Admix, smells and works like the best traditional A...
£4.23Ex VAT£5.08Inc VAT
Opti-Mix Integral Waterproofer

Opti- Mix Integral Waterproofer is a plasticiser, waterproofing agent and salt inhibitor, all in one. It waterproofs, plasticises and retard...
£9.96Ex VAT£11.95Inc VAT
206 Strike Release Oil

Strike Release Oil is a highly effective release agent to enable concrete shuttering to be removed easily, leaving the edge of the concrete ...
£12.46Ex VAT£14.95Inc VAT
Opti-Mix 3-In-1 Render Additive

Opti-Mix 3-in-1 render additive is a plasticiser, waterproofing agent and salt inhibitor designed specifically for use with renders. It wate...
£8.29Ex VAT£9.95Inc VAT
201 Mortar Admix

Mortar Admix is an air entraining plasticiser that replaces lime in the mix to provide an easy to work “butter like” consistency...
£4.43Ex VAT£5.32Inc VAT
207 Zeromix CFF

Zeromix CFF is a double action frostproofer and air entraining mortar admixture for use throughout the winter period. Improves workability o...
£8.38Ex VAT£10.05Inc VAT
Opti-Mix Cement Colourant

Opti-Mix Cement Colourant is a one-shot cement colourant that enables accurate colour matching and consistency between different batches of ...
£8.29Ex VAT£9.95Inc VAT
209 Liquid Mortar Tone

Liquid Mortar Tone is formulated to provide a permanent colour to all types of mortars, rendering, concrete and pointing. The liquid dispers...
£8.35Ex VAT£10.02Inc VAT
203 Accelerator & Frostproofer

Accelerator & Frostproofer is a liquid additive formulated to accelerate setting and hardening times of mortar, concretes, screeds and r...
£5.83Ex VAT£6.99Inc VAT
204 Evermix 3 In 1

Evermix 3 in 1 triple action admixture waterproofs, plasticises and retards to assist workability, reduce water penetration and allow larger...
£6.88Ex VAT£8.25Inc VAT
208 Powder Mortar Tone

208 Powder Mortar Tone is formulated from high quality oxide pigments for permanently colouring all types of mortars, rendering, concrete an...
£4.38Ex VAT£5.25Inc VAT
202 Integral Liquid Waterproofer

202 Integral Liquid Waterproofer is a liquid additive that provides long term water protection to mortar, concrete and rendering. ...
£6.46Ex VAT£7.75Inc VAT
503 SBR Bond

SBR Bond is a latex based, water resistant bonding agent and admixture for use in areas subject to humidity, dampness and continuous water c...
£8.29Ex VAT£9.95Inc VAT

Feb Rendamix is a water resisting, retarding and plasticising admixture for use in sand: cement rendering mortars.  The product also ac...
£10.79Ex VAT£12.95Inc VAT

Febspeed is a liquid admixture formulated to accelerate the setting time of cement based mortar, non-reinforced concrete, renders and screed...
£9.42Ex VAT£11.30Inc VAT

Wintamix is a chloride free, double action liquid frostproofer and air entraining mortar admixture for use throughout the winter period, and...
£9.43Ex VAT£11.32Inc VAT
Febmix DH

Febmix DH is a powder mortar plasticiser in a hand sachet pack form for use as an alternative to lime or as a supplement to lime to aid mort...
£64.98Ex VAT£77.98Inc VAT
Febmix Plus

Febmix Plus is a liquid ultra stable synthetic air entraining mortar plasticiser designed to enhance the workability and freeze thaw resista...
£5.94Ex VAT£7.13Inc VAT
Febmix Admix  The Original

Febmix Admix – The Original is an air entraining plasticiser that replaces lime in the mix to provide an easy to work “butter li...
£7.08Ex VAT£8.50Inc VAT
Febproof Plus

Febproof Plus is a waterproofer and plasticiser that provides water protection to mortar and non-structural concrete and improves workabilit...
£15.34Ex VAT£18.41Inc VAT
Febond SBR

Febond SBR is a styrene-butadiene co-polymer latex specifically designed for use with cementitious mixes and as a reliable water resistant b...
£10.79Ex VAT£12.95Inc VAT
SikaBond PVA+

General purpose economic adhesive, sealer and mortar admixture. Easy to use, excellent adhesion and reduces surface dusting....
£12.46Ex VAT£14.95Inc VAT
SikaBond Waterproof PVA

SikaBond Waterproof PVA is a waterproof vinyl acetate polymer especially formulated for exterior use as an adhesive and sealer, suitable for...
£15.79Ex VAT£18.95Inc VAT
SikaBond SBR+

£15.63Ex VAT£18.75Inc VAT
Sika MaxMix Frostproofer and Accelerator

Sika MaxMix Frostproofer & Accelerator is a liquid admixture for mortars and concrete. It can be used in all situations where reduced se...
£12.39Ex VAT£14.87Inc VAT
Sika MaxMix Plasticiser

Sika MaxMix Plasticiser is a liquid air entraining agent for brick laying mortars, renders, pointing and screeds. It can be used in all situ...
£9.96Ex VAT£11.95Inc VAT
Sika MaxMix Cement Colour

Sika MaxMix Colour is a concentrated solution of pigments, suitable for brick laying, paving, renders, grouts and screeds. 1 litre treats up...
£6.08Ex VAT£7.29Inc VAT
Sika MaxMix Waterproofer

Sika MaxMix Waterproofer is a liquid admixture for pointing, renders and screeds. It can be used in all situations where resistance to water...
£11.92Ex VAT£14.30Inc VAT
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