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Free Shipping on orders over £250
Up to 50KG, UK mainland only
BBA and ISO9001 approved Products
No compromise on quality
Free Shipping on orders over £250 upto 50kg
next day on site delivery

Delivery Information

Same Day Dispatch

Orders placed before 3pm will be dispatched same day, orders placed after 3pm will be despatched the next working day.

Courier Delivery - £9.60 flat rate

Smaller orders are delivered by courier where possible. Delivery costs can be calculated after adding items to the shopping cart.

Pallet Delivery

If you are ordering a gas barrier system, membrane, or any other large items, they will be delivered on a pallet.

Our pallet delivery prices are:

ZONEPOSTCODE AREASSERVICE1 Pallet2 Pallets3 Pallets4 Pallets5 Pallets
AABD HD HX LS WF48HRECON£26.40£46.20£63.00£76.20£89.40
24HRNEXT DAY£33.00£52.80£72.60£89.40£102.60
ABL DN HG HU M OL S48HRECON£36.60£59.40£79.20£128.00£109.20
24HRNEXT DAY£39.60£76.20£96.00£112.20£125.40
BBB CH CW DE DL L NG PR SK TS WN WA YO48HRECON£33.00£55.00£69.00£82.50£93.50
24HRNEXT DAY£38.50£66.00£82.50£96.60£107.50
CB CV DH DY FY LA LE LN NE SR ST WS WV48HRECON£36.00£66.00£80.00£96.50£113.00
24HRNEXT DAY£41.50£77.00£91.00£107.50£124.00
DCB LU MK NN OX PE TF WR48HRECON£46.20£85.80£112.20£145.20£165.00
24HRNEXT DAY£52.80£99.00£132.00£158.40£184.80
EAL BA BS CM CO EN GL HP IP NR RG SG SL SN SS WD48HRECON£49.80£92.40£125.40£158.40£178.20
24HRNEXT DAY£56.40£105.60£145.20£171.60£198.00
E1BR CR DA E HA IG KT N NW RM SE SM SW2+ TW UB W2+48HRECON£52.20£97.20£132.60£168.00£190.20
24HRNEXT DAY£58.80£110.40£152.40£181.20£210.00
CENTRAL LONDONSW1 W1 WC EC48HRECON£57.00£106.80£147.00£187.20£214.20
24HRNEXT DAY£63.60£120.00£166.80£200.40£234.00
FBN CF CT HR LD ME NP SP SY TA TN48HRECON£56.40£105.60£145.20£178.20£204.60
24HRNEXT DAY£63.00£118.80£158.40£191.40£224.40
F1BH PO SO GU RH48HRECON£58.80£110.40£152.40£187.80£216.60
24HRNEXT DAY£65.40£123.60£165.60£201.00£236.40
GCA DG EH EX FK G KA KY LL ML PA1-19 SA TD48HRECON£66.00£125.40£165.00£198.00£244.20
24HRNEXT DAY£72.60£138.60£191.40£237.60£277.20
G1DT PL TQ TR48HRECON£68.40£130.20£172.20£207.60£256.20
24HRNEXT DAY£75.00£143.40£198.60£247.20£289.20

UK Mainland only. Normal delivery window 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. 30 minutes allowance at each loading/offloading point for pallets/part loads and 2 hours for full loads/dedicated vehicles.

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