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Cemdure Levelling Screed (25kg)

CEMDURE 310 is a pumpable cementitious levelling screed formulated from High Alumina Cement. ...
  • Coverage - approx 1.75 kg per mm thickness/m
  • Supplied in 25kg bags.
£21.50Ex VAT£25.80Inc VAT
710 Febflor Flexiplus Latex

710 Febflor Flexiplus is a self smoothing sub, self levelling floor compound with added latex powder for improved flexibility....
  • Enhanced flow properties coupled with long open time giving easy trowelling
  • Fast setting -sets in 8 hours
  • Up to 6mm in depth in one coat
£10.26Ex VAT£12.31Inc VAT
SikaFloor 125 Level Latex

SikaFloor 125 Level Latex Self Levelling is a ready to use latex modified smoothing and levelling compound for advanced flexibility and resi...
  • Self-smoothing and highly fluid
  • Easy to place by pump or manual application
  • Sika Latex Self Levelling is ready for use
  • Low shrinkage
£18.29Ex VAT£21.95Inc VAT
708 Febflor Universal

708 Febflor Universal Self Level Floor Compound is a cement-based product used to level out uneven floors and screeds prior to laying cerami...
  • Fast setting - sets in 2 hours
  • Can be overlaid after 8 hours
  • Up to 6mm in depth in one coat
£8.29Ex VAT£9.95Inc VAT
Sika Tramex Hygrometer

This pocket sized Digital Hygrometer provides fast and accurate measurements of relative humidity, ambient temperature and dew point of the ...
£139.08Ex VAT£166.90Inc VAT
Free Delivery
Sika Tramex Moisture Meter

The hand-held moisture meter is designed to instantly and accurately measure moisture content in wood, wood by-products and other building m...
£769.17Ex VAT£923.00Inc VAT
Free Delivery
Sika Primer MB

Sika® Primer MB is a 2-component epoxy primer and moisture barrier for SikaBond wood flooring adhesives applied on difficult substrates....
£56.24Ex VAT£67.49Inc VAT
Sikafloor -155WN Water Based Epoxy Primer

Sikafloor-155WN Water Based Epoxy Primer is a solvent-free, water dispersed 2-part primer based on epoxy resin used to promote adhesion on n...
£219.59Ex VAT£263.51Inc VAT
SikaBond Rapid DPM

£58.33Ex VAT£70.00Inc VAT
SikaFlex PRO-3

Sikaflex PRO-3 is a one part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant with high mechanical resistance for flooring. For indoor and outdoor ap...
£8.88Ex VAT£10.65Inc VAT
SikaFlex PRO-3 SL

Sikaflex® PRO-3 SL is a moisture curing, self-levelling, 1-part elastic sealant based on polyurethane with high mechanical resistance. F...
£13.79Ex VAT£16.55Inc VAT
Sikaflex Floor

A 1-part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant with high mechanical resistance for flooring....
£11.63Ex VAT£13.96Inc VAT
Sika Primer 3N

Sika Primer 3N is a one component solvent based primer based on epoxy-polyurethane....
£44.17Ex VAT£53.00Inc VAT
908 DPM

908 DPM is an odourless rubber enriched bitumen emulsion which provides a highly-effective sandwich damp proof membrane for floors. It also ...
£18.33Ex VAT£22.00Inc VAT
SikaLevel 30 Latex Ultra

SikaLevel® 30 Latex Ultra is a high performance, latex modified cement based self levelling compound for floor smoothing and levelling u...
£19.92Ex VAT£23.90Inc VAT
SikaLevel Deep Fill Levelling

SikaLevel Deep Fill Levelling is a one-part, thick bed cement-based smoothing and resurfacing compound for levelling out extremely uneven fl...
£24.82Ex VAT£29.78Inc VAT
Sikafloor ProSeal 25L

Sikafloor ProSeal is a clear acrylic resin polymer solution, which impregnates concrete surfaces to cure, harden and seal fresh or hardened ...
£200.00Ex VAT£240.00Inc VAT
Sikafloor 122 Level Self Levelling Compound

Sikafloor ® 122 Level is a ready to use, low shrinkage cement based self leveller for floor smoothing and levelling out uneven internal ...
£16.83Ex VAT£20.19Inc VAT
Febflor Heatflex

Febflor Heatflex is a fibre and polymer re-enforced, flexible, ultra high strength cement based self levelling compound, designed specifical...
£52.75Ex VAT£63.30Inc VAT
709 FebFlor Latex Plus

709 FebFlor Latex Plus is a premium rubber based latex additive for use with Self Level Floor Compound and powder tile adhesives to both str...
£11.92Ex VAT£14.30Inc VAT
Get A Grip On Rugs

A simple solution that secures rugs and mats to carpets, providing a safe, non-slip foundation. Quick and easy to use, the adhesive section ...
£8.33Ex VAT£10.00Inc VAT
Carpet Fix Cloth Tape

Premium quality double sided Carpet Fix Cloth Tape is ideal for fixing all carpets to all surfaces. Easily torn by hand during application....
£11.08Ex VAT£13.30Inc VAT
Spray Adhesive

Mammoth Spray Adhesive is a ready to use, heavy duty solvent-based flooring adhesive. It’s designed for fixing PU and foam backed carp...
£4.83Ex VAT£5.80Inc VAT
SikaBond 54 Wood Floor

SikaBond-54 Wood Floor is a professional wood floor adhesive that is fast curing, solvent-free and elastic. ...
  • Economical, low consumption
  • Adhesive can be sanded
  • Floor can be sanded after 12 hours
£10.41Ex VAT£12.49Inc VAT
SikaBond Wood Floor Installation Kit

SikaBond® Application Kit is a complete kit to fit up to 20m2 of wood flooring. The kit contains: 10 x 600ml sausages, bulk gun, 2 x reu...
£145.38Ex VAT£174.46Inc VAT
Free Delivery
SikaBond MS Wood Floor

A high quality, trowel applied MS adhesive for bonding wooden floors to all common substrates. The formulation is completely water and solve...
£98.16Ex VAT£117.79Inc VAT
SikaBond MS Wood Floor Gun Grade

A high  quality, gun applied MS adhesive for bonding wooden floors to all common substrates. Being permanently elastic it accommodates ...
£6.74Ex VAT£8.09Inc VAT
SikaBond 52 Wood Floor

Fast curing elastic wood flooring adhesive for professional use. Ideal for bonding wood floors using liquid batten/beaded application. Use w...
£14.79Ex VAT£17.75Inc VAT
SikaBond -151

SikaBond®-151 is a 1-part wood floor adhesive for all types of wood flooring and suitable for most common types of floor substrates. The...
£158.67Ex VAT£190.40Inc VAT
SikaBond T-2 Adhesive

SikaBond T-2 is a high viscous one part, ready to use, solvent free, elastic adhesive used as a high strength construction adhesive, which i...
£17.78Ex VAT£21.34Inc VAT
SikaBond 5500 S

SikaBond® 5500 S is a solvent based rigid adhesive for bonding wood block parquet and engineered boards onto porous substrates. High str...
£66.92Ex VAT£80.30Inc VAT
Sikadur 31 Rapid

Sikadur®-31 is a two component solvent free, cold cure, thixotropic epoxy adhesive suitable for damp and dry substrates. Available in tw...
£29.88Ex VAT£35.86Inc VAT
SikaDur 31 EF

Sikadur 31 is a two component solvent-free, cold cure, thixotropic epoxy adhesive suitable for damp and dry substrates. Available in two gra...
£30.08Ex VAT£36.09Inc VAT
Sika Concrete Crack Repair

Sika Concrete Crack Repair is a two-part cold cure, thixotropic structural adhesive based on epoxy resin. Simply mix in the tube and use for...
£14.33Ex VAT£17.20Inc VAT
Floor Varnish

Everbuild Ultra Hard Floor Varnish is a clear quick drying varnish ideal for use on most common types of wooden floors including hardwood, s...
£12.43Ex VAT£14.91Inc VAT

£27.50Ex VAT£33.00Inc VAT

CEMPRIME AC is a water soluble polymericdispersion. CEMPRIME AC is free from ammonia and has extremely low residual VOC content. CEMPRIME AC...
£131.67Ex VAT£158.00Inc VAT
Free Delivery
Damp Tolerant Epoxy Primer

Damp Tolerant Expoy Primer is suitable for use on concrete floors and vertical surfaces. Ideal for garage floors, basements and other areas ...
  • Coverage - 25m / 5kg/
£72.08Ex VAT£86.50Inc VAT
Lumberjack 650 Floor Adhesive

Lumberjack 650 is a standard setting, hybrid polymer, trowel applied adhesive, specially designed for fixing all types of wooden floors dire...
£57.71Ex VAT£69.25Inc VAT
Lumberjack 160 Woodbond

Lumberjack 160 is a high specification, trowel applied advanced hybrid adhesive, based on resins in solvent and is specifically designed for...
£90.54Ex VAT£108.65Inc VAT
Stixall Multi-Purpose Wall and Floor

Stixall Wall and Floor is a multi-purpose adhesive for bonding virtually all materials. It is ideal for many uses including bonding wood flo...
£30.29Ex VAT£36.35Inc VAT
Lumberjack 550 Floor Adhesive

Lumberjack 550 is a high specification, hybrid polymer, cartridge or foil pack applied adhesive specially designed for fixing all types of w...
£8.06Ex VAT£9.67Inc VAT

£24.89Ex VAT£29.87Inc VAT
Sikafloor 440 Level

Sikafloor 440 Level Fibre Reinforced is a fibre and polymer reinforced, flexible, high strength cement based levelling compound, designed sp...
£21.04Ex VAT£25.25Inc VAT
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