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Methane / CO2 System

Methane / CO2 System

In 2015 the British Standard for Good Practice on Gas Membrane Testing and Verification of Protection Systems for Buildings against Hazardous Ground Gases was updated, BS 8485: 2015 supersedes all previous guidance (refer to verification page). BS 8485:2015 operating alongside the CIRIA 735 code of practice states Independent Gas Membrane Testing and Verification Programs are as important as the design and installation process.

Radbar Double Sided Jointing Tape (50mm x 10m)

The RADBAR multipurpose Butyl tape is a double sided tape used for jointing membranes, detailing ancillaries such as pipe penetrations and D...
  • Roll Size: 50mm x 10m
  • Very low moisture vapor transmission rate
  • Outstanding service life (lifetime of building)
  • Excellent elongation properties
£9.96Ex VAT£11.95Inc VAT
Top Hat

Top Hat pre-forms should be used to provide an effective seal around service pipe penetrations. They are available in a range of sizes such ...
  • Jubilee clip included
  • Use GasTite Sealant around service pipes  within TopHat for complete protection
£10.40Ex VAT£12.48Inc VAT
Radbar Amber 1 Orange Membrane 25x2m

Radbar Amber 1 is suitable for preventing the ingress of radon, methane and CO2 (low risk). This membrane has been tested by a leading ...
  • Suitable for preventing the ingress of radon and moisture
  • Complies with NHBC Amber 1
  • Produced within the ISO9001 guidelines
  • 2000 Gauge / 500 mu
£91.63Ex VAT£109.96Inc VAT
Free Delivery
Radbar Amber 2 Foil Membrane 50x2m

Radbar Amber 2 Foil Barrier protects buildings, properties and occupants from the ingress of radon, carbon dioxide and methane gases (medium...
  • Protects from the ingress of radon, carbon dioxide and methane gases
  • Independently tested to ISO 15105-1
  • Complies fully to BS 8485:2015
  • Suitable for use on NHBC Amber 2 sites
£374.99Ex VAT£449.99Inc VAT
Free Delivery
Radbar Single Sided Foil Overlap Tape (75mm x 50m)

Radbar Single Sided Foil Overlap Tape is an adhesive jointing tape designed for sealing over the face of vapour control layer membrane joint...
  • Roll Size: 75mm x 50m
  • This must be used alongside Radbar Double Sided Tape to fully bond membranes.
  • High quality bonding tape with proven performance
  • Suitable for vapour control applications
  • Very low moisture vapour transmission rate
  • Lasts lifetime of the building
£11.24Ex VAT£13.49Inc VAT
Pre Formed Corners 150mm Rise

Pre-formed corners are suitable for use on sites affected by radon, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons/VOCís. ...
  • Compliant to BS8485:2015
  • Effective against radon, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons/VOCís.
£18.33Ex VAT£22.00Inc VAT
Visqueen Zedex CPT High Performance DPC

Visqueen Zedex CPT High Performance Damp Proof Course (DPC) and cavity tray system is manufactured from co-polymer thermoplastic (CPT) provi...
  • Outperforms all other high performance flexible DPCs
  • Contains no hazardous pitch or PVC plasticizers
  • Excellent tear resistance under high compressive loads
  • Low permeability to Radon and Carbon Dioxide gases
  • BBA Certificate No.94/3059
£11.54Ex VAT£13.85Inc VAT
GM Super Membrane

Protech GM Super is a high performance proprietary reinforced gas barrier, that incorporates a 12 micron aluminium foil layer, for maximum p...
£249.99Ex VAT£299.99Inc VAT
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