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Visqueen Radon Membrane 25m x 4m

Visqueen Radon Membrane is manufactured from an enhanced blend of polymer films that is suitable for use in the protection of buildings from...
  • Independently tested for radon resistance
  • BBA Certified
  • High resistance to puncture
£59.96Ex VAT£71.95Inc VAT
Radbar Amber 1 Orange Membrane 25x2m

Radbar Amber 1 is suitable for preventing the ingress of radon, methane and CO2 (low risk). This membrane has been tested by a leading ...
  • Suitable for preventing the ingress of radon and moisture
  • Complies with NHBC Amber 1
  • Produced within the ISO9001 guidelines
  • 2000 Gauge / 500 mu
£91.63Ex VAT£109.96Inc VAT
Free Delivery
Radbar Amber 2 Foil Membrane 50x2m

Radbar Amber 2 Foil Barrier protects buildings, properties and occupants from the ingress of radon, carbon dioxide and methane gases (medium...
  • Protects from the ingress of radon, carbon dioxide and methane gases
  • Independently tested to ISO 15105-1
  • Complies fully to BS 8485:2015
  • Suitable for use on NHBC Amber 2 sites
£374.99Ex VAT£449.99Inc VAT
Free Delivery
GM Super Membrane

Protech GM Super is a high performance proprietary reinforced gas barrier, that incorporates a 12 micron aluminium foil layer, for maximum p...
£249.99Ex VAT£299.99Inc VAT
Radbar Flexible Hydrocarbon Membrane 20x1.3m

RADBAR flexible Hydrocarbon membrane is a engineered tri-polymer that is designed to provide a effective barrier against VOC’s, Methane, Car...
  • Protect against VOC’s, Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Radon
  • Outstanding chemical resistance and mechanical properties
  • Excellent dimensional stability and thermal ageing characteristics
£248.00Ex VAT£297.60Inc VAT
Free Delivery
Protech VOC Flex Membrane 50x2m

Protech VOC Flex is a high performance 6 layer flexible proprietary reinforced VOC barrier and is suitable for use on brownfield sites that ...
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Additional damp proofing protection
  • Flexible membrane to ease installation on site
  • Robust & durable multi-layer membrane
  • High resistance to puncturing
£832.50Ex VAT£999.00Inc VAT
Free Delivery
Protech Self Adhesive Gas Membrane 20m x 1m

Protech SAGM can be used on any site where Carbon Dioxide, Radon or Methane is present. Methane will occur on any construction, on any sites...
  • suitable for  Carbon Dioxide, Radon or Methane
  • classified as non hazardous
  • elastomeric mastic with a high density polyethylene film
£150.00Ex VAT£180.00Inc VAT
Free Delivery
Protech GM Flashing

Protech GM Flashing Strip is a waterproof and gas resistant tape comprising of an aluminium / polythene laminate, coated on one surface...
  • Standard length: 10m.
  • Standard thickness: 1.1mm.
  • Standard width 300mm.
£48.00Ex VAT£57.60Inc VAT
Protech LAGM Liquid Membrane (20L)

Protech LAGM is a liquid applied single component acrylic modified coating that once cured, provides a waterproof, damp proof, radon, methan...
  • To seal over pile caps as an accessory to the Protech GM range of membranes.
  • Can be used to provide a gas resistant seal in ‘hard to treat’ areas where the Protech GM membranes cannot be used to seal.
  • Can be applied, in two layers, using a brush, roller or spray.
£241.66Ex VAT£289.99Inc VAT
Free Delivery
Radon Gas Barrier Membrane

Highly durable barrier prevents the ingress of harmful, naturally occurring Radon gas. Also acts as a damp-proof membrane. Complies with the...
  • Certified gas membrane that carries BBA and ISO9001 approval
  • Protects against cancer-causing radon gases
  • Extremely strong &; durable membrane
  • Superior elongation properties compared to reinforced products
£41.66Ex VAT£49.99Inc VAT
High Performance DPM

Visqueen High Performance DPM - BBA Approved - is Visqueen's premium grade Damp Proof Membrane manufactured from prime virgin polymers for u...
  • Visqueen's premium grade Damp Proof Membrane
  • Suitable for use on commercial and domestic applications
  • Comprehensively independently tested
£55.10Ex VAT£66.12Inc VAT
Visqueen Damp Proof Membrane

Visqueen EcoMembrane is manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene suitable for use as a Type “A” damp proof membrane as defined by BS EN ...
  • Accredited by the British Board of Agrément (BBA: 94/3009)
  • Manufactured using 100% recycled polythene
  • Visqueen's low cost Eco entry level brand
£35.23Ex VAT£42.28Inc VAT
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