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Specialist Repair Mortars

SikaGrout 111 GP

SikaGrout 111 GP is a one part flowable shrinkage compensated general purpose cementitious grout....
£23.84Ex VAT£28.61Inc VAT
Sika MonoTop -110 QuickFix Mortar

Sika MonoTop®-110 QuickFix Mortar is a ready to use [just add water], quick setting mortar, based on special cements. It contains select...
£10.71Ex VAT£12.85Inc VAT
Sika MonoTop -109 WaterProofing Mortar

Sika MonoTop®-109 WaterProofing is a ready to use [just add water], high quality, thin waterproof slurry coating, based on special cemen...
£13.02Ex VAT£15.62Inc VAT
Sikadur Epoxy Repair Kit

Sikadur Epoxy Repair Kit is a quick setting, two part epoxy mortar which can effect overnight repairs to concrete. Suitable for internal and...
£27.77Ex VAT£33.32Inc VAT
SikaSet 45

SikaSet 45 is a one component, ready to use (just add water) magnesia phohate based, rapid hardening and high early strength concrete repair...
£47.99Ex VAT£57.59Inc VAT
Sika Concrete Crack Repair

Sika Concrete Crack Repair is a two-part cold cure, thixotropic structural adhesive based on epoxy resin. Simply mix in the tube and use for...
£14.33Ex VAT£17.20Inc VAT
Sika Mix&Go

Sika Mix&Go is a high quality repair mortar designed for small scale repairs. This multi purpose mortar comes in a handy mix in the bag ...
£6.11Ex VAT£7.33Inc VAT
Sika Monotop 630 Rapid

Sika Monotop 630 Rapid is a fast setting, cementitious repair mortar for repairing all types of structures including horizontal and vertical...
£50.38Ex VAT£60.46Inc VAT
Pro Point Gun Kit

Mortar Pointing Gun Kit comes complete with nozzles for both mortar and tile grout as well as a mixing paddle. Designed to apply mortar deep...
£49.93Ex VAT£59.91Inc VAT
Jetcem Quick Setting Powder Filler

Jetcem Quick Setting Powder Filler is a high strength filler in powder form which easily mixes with water to form a creamy lump free paste t...
£5.33Ex VAT£6.39Inc VAT
Quick Mac Instant Tarmacadam & Quick Mac Cold Joint Sealer

Tarmac Repair Compound and Tarmac Cold Joint Sealer...
£15.31Ex VAT£18.37Inc VAT
Jetcem Waterproofing Rapid Setting Cement

Jetcem Waterproofing Rapid Setting Cement is a cement based mix, formulated specifically for water resistance and is designed to set hard in...
£5.63Ex VAT£6.76Inc VAT
Jetcem Quick Setting Patching Plaster

Jetcem Quick Setting Patching Plaster is a high strength plaster in powder form which easily mixes with water to form a creamy lump free pas...
£9.33Ex VAT£11.19Inc VAT
Jetcem Rapid Set Cement

Jetcem Rapid Set Cement is a cement-based product that is easy to use and sets in approximately 30 minutes. ...
£4.07Ex VAT£4.88Inc VAT
Heatproof Screed

Heatproof Screed is a cement like material which provides a protective rendering for brick, stone and other vulnerable materials which can b...
£53.17Ex VAT£63.80Inc VAT

EpoxySET NF is a two-part, fast curing, epoxy resin adhesive blended with fine aggregate for bedding, gap filling and repairs to concrete, b...
£55.99Ex VAT£67.19Inc VAT
EpoxySET 106 Rapid Cure

EpoxySET 106 is a three part, rapid setting, high strength repair mortar based on epoxy resin technology. ...
£79.13Ex VAT£94.96Inc VAT
EpoxySET 105 Standard Cure

EpoxySET 105 is a three-part general purpose repair mortar based on epoxy technology....
£20.57Ex VAT£24.68Inc VAT
Febset 45

Febset 45 is a specially formulated repair mortar, based on magnesia-phosphate cement pre-mixed with selected aggregates, which gives contro...
£58.61Ex VAT£70.33Inc VAT
Sikadur 33

Sikadur 33 is a two component, solvent free, cold cure, thixotropic epoxy resin structural adhesive and repair mortar....
£24.19Ex VAT£29.03Inc VAT
Sikadur 31 Rapid

Sikadur®-31 is a two component solvent free, cold cure, thixotropic epoxy adhesive suitable for damp and dry substrates. Available in tw...
£29.88Ex VAT£35.86Inc VAT
SikaDur 31 EF

Sikadur 31 is a two component solvent-free, cold cure, thixotropic epoxy adhesive suitable for damp and dry substrates. Available in two gra...
£30.08Ex VAT£36.09Inc VAT
Sikalastic 1K

Sikalastic 1K is a high quality, fibre-reinforced waterproofing mortar delivered to you by the world’s leader in waterproofing solutio...
£145.21Ex VAT£174.25Inc VAT
Sika 1 Render Mortar

Sika-1 Render Mortar is part of the Sika-1 Structural Waterproofing System and is a factory proportioned, pre-bagged powder component used w...
£43.68Ex VAT£52.41Inc VAT
Febtank Super 25kg

Febtank Super is a high performance tanking slurry for masonry and concrete. When applied, Febtank Super forms crystals preventing water ing...
  • 25kg Bags / 20kg Buckets & Grey / White
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Suitable for use with Febtank Plug
  • High bond strength
  • Suitable for internal and external applications, above and below ground level
  • BBA approved (Certificate no. 15/5197) and is certified by LABC Approval Number RD206
£20.42Ex VAT£24.50Inc VAT
Febtank Plug 5kg

Febtank Plug is an ultra-rapid setting, durable plugging compound designed to stop active water leaks in concrete and masonry.Once applied, ...
  • Ultra-rapid set, instant plugging of leaks.
  •  Requires the addition of water only.
  • Expands as it sets, ensuring a permanent watertight seal.
  • Similar characteristics to, and compatible with, concrete.
  • Chloride-free.
  • Does not promote corrosion of the reinforcement.
£16.25Ex VAT£19.50Inc VAT
Jetcem Premix Sand & Cement

Jetcem Rapid Setting Sand & Cement is a premixed sand/cement based product which is easy to use and sets in approximately 30 minutes....
£2.98Ex VAT£3.57Inc VAT
Fill & Skim

Fill and Skim is a ready mixed lightweight plaster for both patching jobs and covering larger areas. Fill and skim is ideal for covering ove...
£24.53Ex VAT£29.43Inc VAT

Bartoline Ready Mixed Exterior Filler is a ready to use filler with adhesive properties which allow...
  • for a wide range of external applications. When set, the filler is hard and durable. Shrink and
  • crack resistant and dries with a white finish. Available in handy squeezy tubes allowing direct
  • application to the repair site.
  • Application: Suitable for repairing cracks, holes and gaps in exterior rendering, brick, stone, wood
  • and most building materials. For long lasting protection the repair should be sealed with an oilbased
  • paint or varnish. Not for use on surfaces regularly under water
£4.99Ex VAT£5.99Inc VAT
Everbuild One Coat GP Render

Everbuild’s One-Coat General Purpose Render (GPR) is used to render over prepared masonry to provide a weather resistant, breathable r...
£10.83Ex VAT£12.99Inc VAT
Sika Ceram FlowFix Jointing Compound 20kg

SikaCeram-621 FlowFix Jointing Compound is a controlled, cementitious flowable jointing grout which is applied by mixing with water on site....
£37.46Ex VAT£44.95Inc VAT
Rendergrip 10L

Everbuild 507 Rendagrip is an extra grip render bonding agent that contains a fine aggregate to provide an improved key before applying rend...
£44.00Ex VAT£52.80Inc VAT
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