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Visqueen Radon Membrane 25m x 4m

Visqueen Radon Membrane is manufactured from an enhanced blend of polymer films that is suitable for use in the protection of buildings from...
  • Independently tested for radon resistance
  • BBA Certified
  • High resistance to puncture
£59.96Ex VAT£71.95Inc VAT
High Performance DPM

Visqueen High Performance DPM - BBA Approved - is Visqueen's premium grade Damp Proof Membrane manufactured from prime virgin polymers for u...
  • Visqueen's premium grade Damp Proof Membrane
  • Suitable for use on commercial and domestic applications
  • Comprehensively independently tested
£55.10Ex VAT£66.12Inc VAT
Visqueen Damp Proof Membrane

Visqueen EcoMembrane is manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene suitable for use as a Type “A” damp proof membrane as defined by BS EN ...
  • Accredited by the British Board of Agrément (BBA: 94/3009)
  • Manufactured using 100% recycled polythene
  • Visqueen's low cost Eco entry level brand
£35.23Ex VAT£42.28Inc VAT
Visqueen Polyethylene DPC

Visqueen Polyethylene Damp Proof Course (DPC) is designed to prevent the passage of moisture in brick and block work from external sources. ...
  • Conforms to the requirements of BS 6515
  • Cost effective damp proof course for domestic construction
  • Suitable for wet bedded applications in low rise developments
  • Manufactured from the highest quality reprocessed materials
  • Safe and clean to handle
£3.41Ex VAT£4.09Inc VAT
Visqueen Zedex Housing Grade DPC

Visqueen Zedex Housing Grade DPC is based on the same polymer technology as Visqueen Zedex CPT DPC. It is designed to provide house builders...
  • Suitable for housing constructions up to three storeys
  • Out performs all other housing grade flexible damp proof courses
  • Contains no hazardous pitch or PVC plasticizers
  • Strong, puncture resistant with excellent workability in winter conditions
  • British Board of Agrément (BBA) approved
£9.69Ex VAT£11.63Inc VAT
Visqueen Zedex CPT High Performance DPC

Visqueen Zedex CPT High Performance Damp Proof Course (DPC) and cavity tray system is manufactured from co-polymer thermoplastic (CPT) provi...
  • Outperforms all other high performance flexible DPCs
  • Contains no hazardous pitch or PVC plasticizers
  • Excellent tear resistance under high compressive loads
  • Low permeability to Radon and Carbon Dioxide gases
  • BBA Certificate No.94/3059
£11.54Ex VAT£13.85Inc VAT
Visqueen Single Sided Jointing Tape

A cross weave glass fibre reinforced tape coated with a high tack aggressive adhesive system for sealing laps in damp proof membranes. When ...
  • Twice the adhesive strength of rival tapes - see datasheet for test results
  • Independently tested for peel and adhesion
  • Crossweave film for excellent anti-tear properties
  • Part of the BBA appoved DPM Jointing system
£9.08Ex VAT£10.89Inc VAT
Visqueen Double Sided Jointing Tape

A tape for bonding Visqueen Damp Proof Membranes (DPM) at overlaps and for bonding membranes to Damp Proof Courses (DPC) at junctions with i...
  • Resists Moisture & Gas Ingression
  • Excellent adhesion
  • BBA Approved
  • Part of the VisqueenPRO 2 part system
£9.08Ex VAT£10.89Inc VAT
Visqueen Zedex DPC Jointing Tape

A high performance double sided butyl tape supplied in 100mm x 15m rolls....
  • Resists Moisture & Gas Ingression
  • Excellent adhesion
  • BBA Approved
£25.85Ex VAT£31.02Inc VAT
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