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Wood Treatments

Floor Varnish

Everbuild Ultra Hard Floor Varnish is a clear quick drying varnish ideal for use on most common types of wooden floors including hardwood, s...
£12.43Ex VAT£14.91Inc VAT
Shed and Fence Mate 5L

Slate Grey, Ebony Black and Silver Birch now in stock...
£9.16Ex VAT£10.99Inc VAT
Clear Varnish

£4.47Ex VAT£5.36Inc VAT
Masonry Dry Rot Treatment

Masonry Dry Rot Treatment is a ready to use treatment for the eradication of dry rot in masonry and brickwork. The added biocide helps to pr...
£18.13Ex VAT£21.76Inc VAT

Creocote is an oil based wood treatment, effective when applied to exterior timbers such as garden sheds, fences and trellis work. The oil b...
£8.33Ex VAT£9.99Inc VAT
Woodworm Killer

Woodworm Killer is a ready to use treatment for the eradication of all types and life stages of wood boring insects and their larvae, specif...
£19.74Ex VAT£23.69Inc VAT
Triple Action Wood Treatment

Triple Action takes care of remedial wood treatment and preservation in one can. It is specially designed to deeply penetrate all wood and j...
£6.90Ex VAT£8.28Inc VAT
Wood Preserver

Wood Preservers are a range of solvent-free solutions of active fungicides specifically designed to deeply penetrate all wood and joinery to...
£8.59Ex VAT£10.31Inc VAT
Wood Stain

Everbuild Quick Drying Wood Stain is a professional, low solvent wood stain that enhances the natural qualities of wood and provides long-la...
£4.24Ex VAT£5.09Inc VAT
SikaGard Wood Preserver

SikaGard Wood Preserver prevents wood rot and decay. Out-performs traditional solvented products....
£18.57Ex VAT£22.28Inc VAT
SikaGard Woodworm Killer

SikaGard Woodworm Killer protects timber against all life stages of wood boring insects, specifically woodworm. Out-performs traditional sol...
£20.67Ex VAT£24.80Inc VAT
Timber & Laminate Sealant

Timber & Laminate Sealant is a polymer rich, permanently flexible sealant and gap filler designed for sealing around laminate flooring, ...
£5.47Ex VAT£6.56Inc VAT
Raw Linseed Oil

A traditional wood treatment for use on cricket bats, oak beams etc. and as a lubricant in the French polishing industry....
£4.88Ex VAT£5.85Inc VAT
Teak Oil

A traditional wood treatment used to replace the natural oils lost through ageing or weathering and brings out the natural colour of wood. S...
£5.53Ex VAT£6.64Inc VAT
Boiled Linseed Oil

A traditional wood treatment used to replace the natural sheen in aged/tired wood. Quicker drying than raw linseed oil. May also be mixed wi...
£4.88Ex VAT£5.85Inc VAT
Brush Cleaner

A thin solvent based liquid which removes wet paint quickly from brushes, rollers and pads. Works on emulsion spirit based paints, varnish a...
£3.46Ex VAT£4.15Inc VAT

Bartoline Bitcote Black Bitumen Paint has been synonymous with high-quality Bitumen products for decades, and has become established as abra...
£7.48Ex VAT£8.98Inc VAT

Bartoline Teak Oil has been speciallyformulated to replace natural wood oils inhardwoods such as Oak and Teak, giving backthe sheen that is ...
£2.08Ex VAT£2.49Inc VAT

Bartoline Boiled Linseed Oil is suitable for useon soft wood garden furniture. The oil protectswood from drying out after long periods in th...
£2.49Ex VAT£2.99Inc VAT

Bartoline Raw Linseed Oil replaces the naturaloils that wood loses over time. It is suitablefor all wood types and is very water resistantma...
£2.74Ex VAT£3.29Inc VAT

Bartoline Patent Knotting solution is a quick dr ying alcohol-based natural lacquer and syntheticresin solution suitable for sealing knots a...
£4.99Ex VAT£5.99Inc VAT

Bartoline Creocote is an oil-based wood treatment, effective whenapplied to exterior timbers. Its oil-based properties provide excellentsurf...
£8.33Ex VAT£9.99Inc VAT
Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer

Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer is an oil based primer that contains aluminium. Used primarily to prevent staining on knotted or resinous timb...
£23.90Ex VAT£28.68Inc VAT
Coo-Var Danish Oil

Coo-Var Danish Oil is a hard, durable, water resistant seal for the enhancement of interior and exterior wood containing tung oil....
£17.57Ex VAT£21.08Inc VAT
Coo-Var Ebony Black

Coo-Var Ebony Black provides a classic black finish with low sheen which makes it ideal for ironwork, beams, downpipes, radiators etc. ...
£18.29Ex VAT£21.95Inc VAT
Coo-Var Eggshell

Coo-Var Eggshell is an interior and exterior oil-based finish for primed wood, metal and masonry that dries to a white eggshell finish....
£14.13Ex VAT£16.95Inc VAT
Coo-Var Teak Oil

Coo-Var Siliconised Teak Oil is a blend of natural oils and silicone derivatives to enhance, preserve and restore the appearance of teak and...
£16.63Ex VAT£19.95Inc VAT
Coo-Var Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat

Coo-Var Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat is a water-based, low odour primer ideal for plaster preparation or any wood surface which requires ...
  • Product Features
  • Fast drying
  • Exterior/Interior use
  • Matt finish
  • Three tin sizes
  • Apply with roller, brush or spray
£9.96Ex VAT£11.95Inc VAT
Coo-Var Polyurethane Varnish

A single pack urethane product of excellent durability, ideal for kitchen furniture, worktops and internal doors. ...
£10.41Ex VAT£12.49Inc VAT
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